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Hot 97 Presents The Tip-Off With Diddy And Snoop Dogg NBA All Star Weekend


HOT 97 FM, the #1 station for Hip Hop and R&B, presents the official party that starts the All-Star Weekend: “The Tip-Off” with performances by Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, & friends live in concert! On Thursday, February 12, 2015 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, kick-off basketball’s most exciting weekend as Puff and Snoop take over All-Star with HOT 97. Hosted by Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg, with music by DJ Camilo, DJ Enuff, and Funk Flex, “The Tip-Off” is the premier event to be at. Tickets go on-sale at 12 p.m. EST on Saturday, January 10th on Allstarweekendnyc.com.


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The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend will be from February 12 to 15 in New York City. Most of the early weekend festivities will be held at Barclays Center, the home arena of the Brooklyn Nets, while the Celebrity game and the main All-Star Game itself will be held at Madison Square Garden, where the New York Knicks and Liberty play.


The WNBA and the D-League have been a regular part of NBA All-Star Weekend, as players have taken part in various festivities over the years. Since 2007, the D-League's All-Star Game has been held at the same city, though not the same arena as the NBA's All-Star Game. But don't expect a WNBA All-Star Game in the winter, because the season is held during the summer.


Must Reads

How did the W fare at 2014 NBA AllStar Weekend?

Jacob Sundstrom


To this point, WNBA players have been incorporated into NBA All-Star Weekend by taking part in events like community service, playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game -- which is really a novelty game to begin with, and taking part in the Shooting Stars contest on All-Star Saturday Night which happens to be the first part of that event.


This year's schedule is out, and it's more of the same. Expect to see WNBA players doing community service and making cameos only during the Celebrity Game and Saturday Night's Shooting Stars contest. While these events aren't bad to be part of, the WNBA players who are part of NBA All-Star Weekend aren't used as effectively as they could or should be.


Most WNBA players are overseas, which makes it hard for the league to put its best foot forward during an otherwise big weekend in the basketball world. But putting that aside, what kinds of new events could be better in highlighting their skills? If I could change the schedule myself with a magic wand and for future seasons, this is what I would do:

1. Each WNBA team must bring one player to participate in NBA All-Star Weekend activities.


Each WNBA team needs to have one player to represent them for NBA All-Star Weekend, which allows for 12 players to represent the league. It's up to each team to invite whoever they want, but the player who each team selects needs to be some combination of the following:


Be the "franchise player" or one of the better overall players on the team

Be a player who has a strong national profile to a non-women's basketball fan audience

Have a game that is "highlight" friendly (great shooter, blocker, crossover dribbler, etc.)

The player should be a WNBA All-Star herself


I will share which 12 players I would invite from each team in a later post. But in the meantime, feel free to say who you would invite from each team to in the comments below.


As expected, the biggest logistical hurdle to make this happen is overseas play. At the same time, no WNBA team wants to be sending in the 12th man on the roster to a major event or send no one. Therefore, arrangements can be made to accommodate this months in advance when the season ends. Each WNBA player who is invited will do the community service events and at a minimum, take part in the next suggestion I have below.

2. Add a co-ed/mixed basketball game that features NBA All-Star and the invited WNBA players on Friday night.


In today's world of professional basketball, many NBA and WNBA players are friends with each other, and in some cases, more than that. It's inevitable once you take into account that many of the top college basketball programs in men's basketball also have strong women's programs, and vice versa.


This game would be done in an East vs. West format on Friday night of All-Star Weekend. Each team will have 12 players, six NBA players who are All-Stars that year, along with six of the WNBA players. The WNBA players who play on Eastern Conference teams will remain play on this Eastern Conference co-ed team, and the same goes for Western Conference players. The game would be 40 minutes long, with 10 minute quarters, and there will be rules so that there has to be two or three WNBA players on the floor at all times, which is often the case in co-ed games.


Given that the All-Star Celebrity Game is typically held on a Friday night, that game can be put off until Saturday early afternoon, because the NBA All-Stars are generally not a part of this game, and there are no other major events at that time. Timewise, the game can be held before the Rising Stars Challenge, which is an exhibition game that features top NBA rookies and sophomores.

3. Include WNBA players in the Three Point Shooting Contest.


The WNBA's three point line is at the FIBA distance of 6.75 meters (22 feet and 1.75 inches) away from the basket, except at the sidelines, where the line is no less than 3 feet away. This line is not quite as far away, but still close to the NBA's line of 23 feet and 9 inches with no less than 3 feet away from the sidelines.


Over the past couple WNBA seasons, we've seen that players are more than able to make NBA-range threes, and the shot charts we've shown you corroborate that. Therefore, let's add two WNBA players, one from each conference to the three point shooting contest.


Currently, eight NBA players, four from each conference take part in this contest. Under this new format, ten total players will be in the Three Point Shooting Contest, with two five-player teams (four NBA players, one WNBA player), one for each conference.


I won't count against a WNBA player from winning this to be honest. Hell, the final shootout could be between two WNBA players.

4. Make the Skills Challenge a relay duo that features NBA and WNBA players.


The current Skills Challenge format involves two NBA players who perform a combination of shooting, passing and dribbling drills in a relay format. There are four relay duos, two from each conference.


I haven't been a big fan of the Skills Challenge in general, but maybe this can be tweaked by having four relay duos which have one NBA player and one WNBA player. This would raise positive awareness for the W if their players do well in a contest when all eyes would be on them for some time. Furthermore, since many WNBA teams are in the same city as an NBA team, duos which represent one city should be formed if there is a good fit between the players on the NBA and WNBA teams in those cities.


How could one of these relay duos look? For example, Washington Wizards guard John Wall would represent one of the Eastern Conference's relay duos. Washington Mystics guard Bria Hartley would be Wall's teammate in the challenge and this duo will be fun to watch.


Crap, did I give a "sneak preview" of one of my prospective WNBA invitees for that aforementioned later post? But anyway, that's just one possible duo you could see in the Skills Challenge.


It's great to see that WNBA players participate in NBA All-Star Weekend, but I just don't feel that they are being highlighted in the best way possible. Do you have any suggestions on what else NBA All-Star Weekend could do to better highlight the WNBA? Sound off in the comments below.

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NBA AllStar Game is coming to the city of dreams with the Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center both hosting NBA AllStar events.


The NBA All-Star Game is going down in New York City on February 15th, with All-Star Saturday Night taking place at Barclays Center on February 14th.


It wasn’t an one-man show back in 1986, but a one-guard show. Isiah Thomas took control of that NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, TX when East coach K.C. Jones changed up the lineup to a one-guard, four big-man matchup the final minutes of the game.


Isiah Thomas ended up with 30 buckets and 10 assists to lead his team, which played minus Michael Jordan due to a broken foot, to a 139-132 win over the west.


With the West only a few points ahead, 128-121 and only four minutes in regulation, Isiah Thomas was matched with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Buck Williams and Moses Malone. The switch ignited an 18-4 point run over the West with Isiah feeding the big men, who conquered everything inside the paint.


Eight of the East’s points in the run came on free throws, with Thomas hitting a pair to put his team ahead to stay.


Unfortunately for Isiah Thoas, his 2nd AllStar Game MVP in just three seasons was overshadowed by the NBA’s smallest, new talent. Spud Webb wowed the crowd in the NBA Dunk Contest and Larry Bird ran away with the competition in the new three-point shooting contest. That didn’t faze Thomas.


“When I was a kid growing up, I never dreamed I would be on the same court with the best basketball players in the world, let alone be singled out twice as the MVP,” the Detroit Piston star said. “It was like a real basketball game, not an All-Star game, at the end. I think the four big guys really gave us the rebounding strength that helped us put them away.”


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With the 2015 NBA All-Star Game coming up in two months in New York City, and the streets will be live and vibrant in the Big Apple when the NBA’s top basketball players get ready to take the court at the Barclays Center & Madison Square Garden NBA All Star Weekend. 2015 the NBA is splitting the NBA All Star festivities between two city’s and two NBA venues, All-Star Game tickets will be the at an all time high compared to the last five seasons in the secondary market.


NBA All Star Weekend 2015 begins on Friday, February 13, at the Barclays Center kicking off the weekend with the Rising Stars Challenge and Madison Square Garden hosting the Celebrity Game across the city at the same time. The yearly NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Shootout, Skills Challenge and Shooting Stars Competition will take place Saturday, February 14 at the Barclays Center leading up to the finale, with the best out the east and west going head to head in the All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.


According to TiqIQ, the average price for All-Star Game tickets this year is $3,255.99 in the secondary market, which is more than triple the price of what last year’s game averaged at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans at $1,019.89. Only 2013’s game at the Toyota Center in Houston came close to matching this year’s game in price over the past five seasons at $2,620.48, though it still saw a secondary market average 19.5% cheaper than this year’s game. 2012’s game had a secondary average of $1,146.36 at the Amway Center in Orlando while the 2011 All-Star Game listed a $2,485.57 average ticket price on the secondary market.


The 2015 All-Star Game currently sees its cheapest seat listed at $1,317, which is more expensive than last year’s game and 2012’s game total average price on the secondary market. Despite the struggles of both hometown teams in the Nets and Knicks, the game has still seen exorbitant secondary prices, largely due to the allure of New York City and the league’s biggest stars all taking up a weekend residency in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan.


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The NBA All Star yearly voters hasn’t made it any easy to make the All-Star Game, especially for guys like Memphis Grizzlies NBA guard Mike Conley. He’s still looking to make his first All Star Weekend appearance, and he isn’t the only hopeful.


Even for those once counted as NBA All-Star regulars (e.g. Tim Duncan), the journey has become a hard one. This NBA isn’t short on elite players, and many of them playing are in the primes of their NBA careers and hooping for successful franchises that maximize their exposure.


It’s no accident the notion of “snubs” has become commonplace in the league’s lexicon. There’s simply not enough NBA All-Star Weekend 2015 love to go around.


Here’s a look at seven players that’s really hooping who may have a hard time convincing the NBA All Star Voters that they deserve recognition despite their best efforts. With February festivities & urban nightlife parties just around the corner, these individuals will have their hands full making their respective cases in the interim.


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The Charlotte Hornets and the city of Charlotte have come to an agreement to an arena upgrade, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said it’s inevitable that Charlotte, NC will get an NBA All-Star Weekend in the near future.


“Personally I’m very excited about coming back here. I don’t think there’s any question it’s going to happen,” Silver said during a visit to Charlotte, NC on Wednesday. “Just a matter of what year.”


The first available All-Star Game up for bid is in 2017. In all likelihood the 2017 and 2018 events will be awarded simultaneously. Silver said there’s no set date for when those NBA All Star games will be announced, but he’d like it to be as soon as possible.


“We want to award them as early as possible so there would be maximum opportunity to plan,” Silver said.


“I met here with (Hornets president) Fred Whitfield and (team owner) Michael Jordan earlier this afternoon to discuss precisely this, among other issues. It’s a matter of what’s precisely the timetable now for the renovations to the building.”


The city of Charlotte, NC has agreed to pay for $33.5 million toward what would be more than $40 million in renovations and upgrades to Time Warner Cable Arena. The league would want most, if not all, of those renovations completed before an All-Star Weekend is staged here.


The NBA Charlotte Hornets and city officials went to New York in August to formally make a bid for a future NBA All-Star Weekend. In September, the City Council voted 9-2 to approve use of public money to renovate restaurants and bathrooms, add lower-bowl seating, improve lighting and replace the scoreboard. Most of those renovations were in keeping with the original contract the city signed with the NBA to get the then-expansion Charlotte Bobcats.


First-year commissioner Silver had said repeatedly during visits to Charlotte that ironing out how to pay for these renovations would greatly enhance the city’s chances of landing an All-Star Weekend.


When Houston hosted the All-Star Weekend in 2013, the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau estimated a direct economic impact of $60 million and an overall economic impact of slightly less than $100 million. The NBA All-Star Weekend will fill uptown hotel rooms for four or more nights, much as the Democratic National Convention did when it was staged in Time Warner Cable Arena in 2012.

The NBA All-Star Weekend has been in Charlotte once before. The now-demolished Charlotte Coliseum hosted the event in 1991.


New York will host the 2015 All-Star Weekend in a joint project by the Knicks and Nets. The 2016 All-Star Weekend is in Toronto.


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Today in New York City, the home of the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend, the NBA and adidas unveiled a first look at the uniforms for the 64th annual All-Star Game, to be played on February 15, 2015. To View More Photos Visit http://allstarweekendnyc.com/the-nba-and-adidas-reveal-the-2015-nba-all-star-game-uniforms/


But first, a bit more on the design of the uniforms, via a press release from the NBA and adidas…


The jerseys feature a side panel of five stars, each representing New York City’s five boroughs with a unique pattern:


Queens: a pattern inspired by the stainless steel orbit rings of the borough’s iconic Unisphere that was built for the 1964 World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park


Staten Island: a wave pattern to signify its surrounding waters


Manhattan: a taxi-cab checkered pattern represents the pace and energy of the world’s most cosmopolitan city


The Bronx: a vinyl record pattern to pay homage to the birthplace of hip-hop and the rich musical legacy of New York City


Brooklyn: a brick pattern inspired by the iconic brownstone houses and buildings that make up the neighborhoods of the city’s most populous borough


“The NBA All-Star Game is a celebration of the host city and basketball culture, and this year we created our most detailed and sophisticated uniforms to date that pay homage to New York and All-Star weekend,” said Chris Grancio, adidas global basketball general manager. “We took inspiration from all five boroughs, in addition to the rich basketball and cultural heritage of the city, to provide a memorable collection for players and fans.”


The Eastern Conference NBA All-Star uniforms feature black name lettering and blue numbers while the Western Conference uniforms bear white name lettering and red numbers. Herringbone detail on the East/West patch and jock tags pays homage to the Barclays Center court, and the New York Knicks font is used for player name and number. For the first-time in an NBA All-Star Game, player first and last names are featured on the back of the jersey.


The All-Stars will wear black, gray and white fitted warm-ups that feature satin accents and military-style star patches to celebrate the number of NBA All-Star appearances for each player. Each player’s jacket will be customized with patches to represent the game’s top individual accolades including NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA All-Star Game MVP and NBA Championships.


The on-court warm-ups also include a three-quarter-sleeve shooting shirt and tapered pant. NBA All-Star jerseys ($80 – $110) will be available on NBAStore.com and NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in January in addition to a full range of NBA All-Star apparel from adidas including adult and youth t-shirts ($22 – $30), track jackets ($80 – $250) and headwear ($16 – $26). Select NBA All-Star merchandise will also be available internationally on NBAStore.eu, NBAStore.cn, NBA.JD.com and LojaNBA.com.


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Official NBA All Star Saturday Night 2015 Logo Released for NBA All Star Weekend New York - Allstarweekendnyc.com


all-star-saturday-night-brooklyn-allstarweekendnyc.com - party fixx


While we’re still months away from the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend game that doesn’t mean the league isn’t ready to promote the three-night event.


What begins with the Rookie Challenge game is then followed by All-Star Saturday night and book-ended by the actual All-Star game on Sunday evening.


The NBA has previously released the logo for the game which is a subway motif (a fine play on the culture of the city). Sunday’s contest will be played at Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks. But what about Saturday night? Well, the wait is over as the official NBA All-Star Saturday Night logo for 2015 has been released.


You’ll likely notice on the logo it states the events will be taking place in Brooklyn. A typo? Nope. The NBA decided to split the 2015 All-Star game and All-Star Saturday night between the Knicks home venue and the Brooklyn Nets‘ Barclays Center which will host both Friday and Saturday events.


The Saturday night logo doesn’t have nearly the same influence as the original in regards to the subway though it does seem to implement some subway station tiles in the logo.


It’s not overly detailed though does have a crisp, clean feel to it. Have to assume most will be a fan of the look, especially since the league wanted to differentiate a bit between the New York and Brooklyn styles.


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Andrew Wiggins will make the Rising Stars Challenge Fun to Watch in New York for All Star Weekend - Allstarweekendnyc.com


He got shuffled around before ending up with Minnesota Timberwolves, but Andrew Wiggins will bring a lot to the Rising Stars Challenge at the All Star Weekend New York in February. The format is a lot better now that they have coaches like Charles Barkley, Shaq, Chris Webber et cetera drafting and playing against each other, as opposed to the old Rookie vs. Sophomore games. This year there is a lot of new talent in the league, and sophomores such as Michael Carter-Williams.


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